Friday, November 21, 2008

Presbyterian Pie Parade

This weekend we're getting ready for the Presbyterian Pie Parade at our church. Members have been asked to bake and bring Thanksgiving pies on and $25 Wal-Mart gift cards on Monday and Tuesday to the fellowship hall.

Donors are encouraged to write notes of encouragement and caring to accompany the pies, which will be boxed up and driven by anyone who can help with the Parade on Tuesday to Galveston for distribution to those who are still struggling to rebuild their lives after IKE. The city's largest employer, the medical school and center, just announced massive lay-offs necessitated by the economic burden of that disaster. Many who survived to this point are now out of work in a difficult job market.

We're planning to bake our pies Sunday and freeze them so they will be fresher. I'm thinking pecan and chocolate brownie pies travel well. I'm so thankful that we had little damage from that storm and can join in the Pie Parade!

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Mary M said...

Well done tall steeple chuech! It is little, thoughtful acts like this - homemade pie and a gift card for necessities - that raise spirits. Once again, I'm thankful for churches that look beyond their own walls.