Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anti-Christ in Houston Song

Clever readers Kyle and Reformed Catholic wrote a song in the comments to my post Anti-Christ in Houston.

Of course it is a country-western song! In case you missed the comments, here it is:
The anti-christ went down to Texas
Because he was loosing his assets in a divorce deal
Being forced to leave the home
His ex-wife won in a steal. ( courtesy of Kyle)

Chorus: (courtesy of Reformed Catholic)

The anti-christ is down here, run boys run
(fiddle solo)
He's trying to avoid paying a large sum.
(fiddle riff)
Sitting in Houston, hiding that dough
(fiddle riff)
What he's done with it, no one knows!
Anyone care to add a verse?


Anonymous said...

no good at lyrics, but I'll play the steel guitar that all good country music has to have

Reformed Catholic said...

Declared himself a preacher,
saving souls for the Lord.
But deceiving those he preached to,
lining his pockets with their gold.

"I bet you didn't know it, but I'm the Christ", he said
"So listen to my preaching, and then saved you will be ",
"Now if you listen and believe, find out what not to do"
"You'll be happy and glad to donate money to me".

Reformed Catholic said...

Please change that last line to :

"You'll be happy and be glad ....