Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Five: HGTV Edition, Late Play

Will Smama brings us today's RevGals Friday Five which she labeled the HGTV edition.

I didn't watch HGTV until a few months ago when El Jefe and I got involved in building a new "downsize" home now that we are empty-nesters. Now I actually know who Candace Olson is (besides being a tall gal like me) and what My House Is Worth What? and House Hunters are. Not that I'm especially proud of that, but at least I'm not totally clueless.

Well, here we go:

1) If you could, what room in the place you are currently living would you redo first?

I would do more work on the kitchen. I updated it when Babs was a senior in college, but after watching HGTV realize it needs some more work.

2) What is the most hideous feature/color/decor item you have ever seen in a home?

The time my parents painted their living room (including Dad's reed organ with the fake pipes) Pepto-Bismol pink with gold accents had to take the prize. As soon as we were finished painting (any of us who were handy were pressed into service), my Dad declared it looked like a New Orleans bordello. He immediately bought some beige paint and we began all over again. Let me tell you, it takes several coats to cover that bright pink.

3) What feature do you most covet? Do you have it? If not, is it within reach?

An informal living area just off the kitchen. And I'll get that at the new house! I don't think it's possible to reconfigure the traditional floor plan in the current house to do that--but the next owner is welcome to try.

4) Your kitchen - love it or hate it? Why?

I've always liked it. It's a good size and includes an informal eating area. The original appliances are very good and still work just fine after 25 years.

5) Here is $10,000 and you HAVE to spend it on the place you are living now. What do you do?

Invite the people from HGTV's Design To Sell over. Refinish the hardwood floors downstairs. Install new stainless appliances in the kitchen.

Here's my own bonus question--Know anyone who wants to buy a nice, big two-story house in Sugar Land? Call me.


Gannet Girl said...

I think I would have loved your dad!

Quotidian Grace said...

You would have loved him. Everyone did! We still miss him a lot.

Mavis said...

My parents - I guess it was really my Dad, painted their exterior pink - not so bright but definitely pink. It faded to a good colour!

Presbyterian Gal said...

I love that your dad was fearless in trying that pink.

...and the house? Does it come with a job?