Friday, January 30, 2009

Too Much Excitement!

All of the QG family is very excited. This weekend is going to be a very special one.

Not ONLY will there be a family dinner arranged by El Jefe, Portia and Babs to celebrate my (xxx-th) birthday, but my talented niece, Catherine, will be in Houston because she is one of the semi-finalists in the Houston Grand Opera 's Competition for Young Singers!

My late father, who was a classical music fanatic, would have been so proud to see his granddaughter singing in such a prestigious competition. I remember how he used to tell me that if he had been a good singer, we would have all starved to death while he chased a career in opera and sacred music. That didn't happen, but his fondest dreams are now coming true for our Catherine.

My sister, her mother, has a wonderful voice but chose to make her career in music in the church. She is the director of music ministry at the largest Methodist church in San Antonio. One of my brothers is a talented instrumentalist and had a bluegrass band before leaving music for a career in medicine. And you know about me, the amateur choral singer who got to debut in NYC at her nephew's wedding!

But Catherine is the real deal--she has the innate talent, the focus and drive and the effort it takes to succeed in the world of classical music. When she sang in NYC it was last week at Carnegie Hall last week in a Master's Class with Marilyn Horne! And yes, that's her name at the top of the list on the billboard.

All week long I've been marveling at all the blessings God has given me in my life and certainly this weekend brings me almost more than I can handle.

Prayers that Catherine will perform at her best would be appreciated, whatever the outcome decided by the judges. I know that Daddy will be beside himself in heaven listening to her!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Knowing how your daddy would have felt makes me tear up.

Prayers that she even amaze herself.

And I hope this is a weekend you will long remember!

Averill said...

Catherine has an amazing voice and I was so honored that she sang at my wedding. Let's hope the judges have ears to hear just how amazing she truly is!

zorra said...

How wonderful for Catherine--and all who love her! May this weekend be everything you all hope it will be.

Presbyterian Gal said...

What a great birthday weekend for you! That is awesome. Best wishes for young Catherine!

I must say when I saw the picture I thought of Elmer Fudd singing "Oh Bwunheeeewda, ewww so wuvvwy"