Monday, January 12, 2009

Self-Proclaimed Anti-Christ In Houston

This just in from the Houston Chronicle: Former evangelist Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda-- who first proclaimed himself to be Jesus Christ Returned and then changed his mind (!) and proclaimed himself the Anti-Christ-- is now mired in legal problems involving his divorce from his wife.

Can you imagine? A Florida court ruled that his church is not a church but a personal business and awarded half of its assets to his estranged wife. Apparently the self-styled Anti-Christ is alive, well and hiding out in Houston.

Just so you know.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

And of COURSE he is in Texas.

That poor woman.

Mac said...

Reminds me of a case in Arkansas in which an inmate sued the Devil (for making him do it!).

The court dismissed on the grounds that there was no personal jurisdiction (no competent evidence that Satan was either physically present or did business in Arkansas (?????).

Presbyterian Gal said...

Goodness, between the Osteens and the Anti-Christ Texas is one busy place!!

Kyle said...

I've heard it is hot down there... Texas that is.

Kyle said...

Wait this sounds like another song contest.

"The anti-christ went down to Texas because he was losing his assets in divorce deal.

Being forced to leave the home his ex-wife won in a steal."

Reformed Catholic said...

I can just hear the chorus:

"the anti-christ is down here,
run boys run
(fiddle solo)
He's trying to avoid paying a big large sum.
Sitting in Houston, hiding that dough
What he's done with it, no one knows!

Quotidian Grace said...

Okay, boys, that's great! I'll have to post it....