Friday, January 09, 2009

Check out Mac's "Adventures"

Mac, over at Around the Scuttlebutt, is writing a series called "The Adventures of Graying Presbyterian Church". Although the posts are fictional, you'll find the "adventures" all-too-true to life for most of us in the Protestant mainline. Go on over and join the conversation!


Presbyterian Gal said...

Mac is on a roll!! Good stuff here.

Reformed Catholic said...

It's interesting that many people are seeing their own church in the fictional church Mac is writing about.

ceemac said...


One thing I have noticed about both Mac's and Ref Cath's stories is that the congregations they describe seem to be made up of life long Presbyterians who come from longtime Presby families.

They seem to be missing a big player in Presby congregations in my "graceful" part of Texas. That is the former Southern Baptist and the former Roman Catholic. Very often a former SB married to a former RC. The folks could be described as Bible Belt Presbyterians (after the book).

Is this shade of Presby a big player in your part of Texas?

Quotidian Grace said...


Absolutely--one of the biggest players. Between former Baptists and former Catholics, we manage to add to our congregations here in my part of Texas, too.

Mac is in Pennsylvania, which explains why he has so many cradle Presbies around him.