Monday, October 19, 2009

Beatrice Blogs: Olivia's Poor Deportment

Woof! Beatrice here.

This weekend QG and El Jefe were out of town so I went to stay with Portia and DK. But on Thursday and Friday they had to work so QG found a Doggy Day Care facility near our house.

I'm very sad to report that Olivia disgraced the family name by snarling at the other dogs in the day care area so we had to spend the day in the time-out room (a/k/a day boarding kennel) instead of being able to hang out with the other pooches.

Portia was mortified when she came to pick us up and learned that Olivia got an N (needs improvement) in deportment. Now QG is wondering what's the best way to teach her better behavior around other dogs. She is pretty good with one or two small dogs her size but acts up when the dogs are larger or there are more of them.

Embarrassingly yours,


Mac said...

Cat Box Guy left his computer on and we found this post. We fully understand Olivia's very reasonable action in growling at strange BIG dogs. We have found that hissing and puffing your fur volume up two to three times are all effective in laying claim to territory.

So, we have your back, Olivia, even if you are a , well, dog.

Alex, Gideon, Uggie and the ever-lovable Gracie.

Rev Kim said...

Dear Beatrice & Olivia,

At 50+ pounds, we're also wondering why smaller dogs act up around larger dogs. There's a Yorkie in the neighborhood that acts like it's going to eat us whenever we walk by.

Your friends,

Newman & Redford

Kim chiming in here...Newman wasn't socialized at all around other dogs, and when we took him to obedience school the trainer said the best way to do it was to get him around dogs more often. It's gotten better, so being around other dogs might help. I take Redford lots of places with me to get him socialized.

I've also picked up tips from watching "It's Me or the Dog" and the Dog Whisperer, who tend to deal with these issues alot.

The pics are soo cute!

Rev Kim said...
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Rev Kim said...

oops...sorry, I double posted.

zorra said...

It may be a dachshund thing, at least in part. No fear, no reflection, and little impulse control. Jan's dachshunds have charged Rottweilers and cement trucks.