Monday, October 19, 2009

Olivia Responds: Bea Wasn't So Good Herself

Woof Yourself!

Olivia Here.

Beatrice is a Big Tattletale. So there!

And she isn't so good herself, either. Portia made us both spend Saturday afternoon in Time Out in the yard because Beatrice kept chasing DK's cats.

Okay, so I chase them too. But Beatrice started it!

Yours for setting the record straight,



Mac said...

........ but we must register our profound disapproval of "cat chasing" as an Olympic sport.

Alex, Gideon, Uggie, and Grace

Averill said...

So cute!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Goodness what busy doggies!!!

And I'd say aside from the cat chasing, both were provoked!!!

David said...

I think that they both are in need of pastoral counseling. Does your church provide this kind of serive for folks like Olivia and Beatrice?

Songbird said...

It's hard to know who to believe.