Friday, October 02, 2009

MOB Redux Update: Cake Tasting

Yesterday Babs, P-Dubya, Portia and I went to a cake tasting. This is one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning! The baker was recommended to Babs by a couple of recently married friends and we loved the website (isn't it cute?).

Babs requested samples of an almond cake; white chocolate and strawberries cake and a white chocolate cookies and cream cake. Unlike most tastings where you get a see-through slice of the cake and several separate frostings and fillings to sample, we were served regular portions of the completed cake. Yum! All were super delicious.

Babs has a firm NO FONDANT policy because she doesn't think it tastes good. She is all about buttercream! So they chose the cookies and cream cake for the bride, to be decorated with fresh flowers.

The grooms cake is still being debated, but Portia suggested that the almond cake in the shape of her dachshund Olivia (who is crazy about P-Dubya) would be an excellent choice. I'm betting on the almond cake, but not the dachsie shape!


Songbird said...

I wouldn't want to eat the dog, no. But it all sounds delicious!

Kathryn said...

Oh this is sooo cool! Don't think we've ever reached the heights of a cake tasting on this side of the Pond...and separate cakes for bride & groom?? Hugely exciting. WE're still stuck in the rich fruit cake/royal icing mould on the whole (tradition dictating that the top tier is kept to be a christening cake...)Learning & enjoying as you prepare :-)

Cheesehead said...

What? No Red Velvet armadillo? LOL.

Sounds delicious! I love the look of fondant, but agree that buttercream tastes much better.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Yummmmmmm. Cake tasting. That alone makes getting married worth it.

Sue said...

Sounds yummy!!! I wouldn't outrule the dauchsie yet, however. Have you seen the wedding cake over at my place? It was the wedding cake of my son's friends who were married in beautiful British Columbia.

The cake: a replica of R2D2 from Star Wars. The baker personally drove it three hours in his own car to get it to the wedding safely. It wouldn't be nearly as impressive if one thought it was fake.

Real. Cake. The entire thing. Brilliant.

Reformed Catholic said...

I second Bab's vote for buttercream.

There is nothing that exceeds the taste of good buttercream, other than a cream cheese icing on carrot cake ;)

zorra said...

Such fun! And yes, the website is cute and has me thinking about when I might need to order a cake!

Anonymous said...

mmm - I had the same image as Cheese - the red velvet armadillo. At least if they did the dachsie, it would be a better inside color in almond!!