Thursday, October 29, 2009

Land of Lincoln Tours

El Jefe and I are off tomorrow at o'dark thirty with a crew of fellow Presbyterian Civil War buffs~known as the Civil War Aficianados~to tour the Lincoln Historical Museum and other sights in Springfield, Illinois like his law office, the site of the Lincoln-Douglas debates and the Lincoln family's burial site.

The Aficianados read and discussed A. Lincoln by Ronald C. White before the trip and they focused on Lincoln's life as a lawyer and his spiritual life. I've got the book safely stowed on my Kindle for the trip!

It will be Halloween weekend, so I wonder if we will see goblins dressed as John Wilkes Booth or poor, mad Mary Lincoln in the historic park there. If so, I'll post photos.


Becky Ardell Downs said...

We got a chance to visit the Lincoln Museum in Springfield last December. It was fabulous. Make sure you do the film/show things-- quite impressive. Lots about Mary Todd too. We were all very impressed. Save time for the gift shop!

St. Casserole said...

Have a great time!

Mac said...

God's Country!!!! I went to college about 50 miles north--Normal--and one night, we drove down, jumped a fence, and visited the Tomb after midnight. (No sign of Abe.)

Are you touring the entire State? The debates were held all over.

As you well know if El Jefe is a student of "the War," it rings a bell with Americans that none of our other wars do. One hundred fifty years later and many of us speak of Winfield Scott Hancock, "old Pete" Longstreet, or Nathan Bedford Forrest as if we had known them. (SWMBO actually had a note placed in her chart before Bionicle Boy's birth that "under no circumstances is father to name child without mother's consent." I had mentioned that I thought "Nathan Bedford Forrest McCarty" had a nice ring to it. Go figure.)