Monday, October 12, 2009

Twitter Worship Follies

From Sunday's Houston Chronicle article Praise for Technology --Tweeting during worship services gets blessing of pastors:

(Pastor Kerry) Shook, of the nondenominational Woodlands Church, is still easing into Twitter. During the first interactive service, his wife, Chris, took questions from the congregation via Twitter, and he contributed a tweet of his own: “Chris Shook looks really hot tonight!”

His son tweeted in response: “please don't broadcast your attraction to mom across Twitter — kind of embarrassing.”

Shook is learning through experience.

“I forgot it went out to the whole twittersphere. I was so embarrassed...,” the pastor said. “But I can see this becoming a real part of the service.”

Gentle Readers, I rest my case.

From those that tweet twitter and text in worship
And cell phones that ring the Aggie War Hymn during silent prayer

Good Lord Protect Us!


Sara said...

I like twitter, I enjoy reading Bruce's tweets from Presby meetings, I've gotten to meet some people I would never have met otherwise, through twitter, BUT, I see no reason to twitter during worship.

I take notes during the sermon, just to keep my head in the game sometimes, but if I were to twitter, I would be watching for responses which would break my concentration. Maybe I'm just too old!

As for the Aggie War Hymn, that has no place in civilized society!

zorra said...

Lord, hear our prayer...

Reformed Catholic said...

I was reading an article about Twitter, and the use of Twitter by participants during meetings and panel discussions, and the writer wondered about the amount of information lost by the 'Tweeter' (Twitterer ??) during the time it takes to create the message, or lost of meeting input lost by the same Twitterer that would have been useful during the discussion.

Have we reached a point where we need to instantly pass on any and all inane comments instead of waiting until the end of any function ??

If anyone saw the movie WALL-E, you'll know what I mean when I say that the Pixar director and writers prophesied the future when they showed humanity running around on a self-propelled LazyBoy Lounger with a keyboard and screen through which all communications were done, and a drink that contained all the needed nutrition in one big gulp.

Funny, the check word is: finizi