Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Full Disclosure Time

Here's a heads-up for all my blogging friends from the QG Bureau of BlogLaw: the FTC now requires you to reveal your freebies if you write about them. More info HERE.

So, okay, FTC, here's mine. I got a free copy of a book that I reviewed, which I disclosed in the review. Yes, that's redundant but I'm following El Jefe's guidance to his corporate clients with regard to SEC filings which is when it comes to disclosure, you need boots AND suspenders.

Clearly I'm not a very successful blogger if the FTC is concerned enough about blogging freebies to make this rule. (Note: I do understand that there are advertisements that are disguised as blogs.)

Is there something you need to disclose? The FTC wants to know....


Gannet Girl said...

Nothing to disclose, but I would be happy to acknowledge receipt of and review any free books anyone wants to send my way.

Alan said...

Like Gannet Girl, I too will disclose any free books, classic cars, or computer games which people would like me to review. No small pets or small children... unless they are cute and talented...


Presbyterian Gal said...

I am presuming that the next step on this will be for the IRS to tax the bloggers on the value received. Much as they now tax contest winnings and giveaways.

But what I want to know is, how are they going to administrate this? And who is going to pay for this new "watchdogging?" Because they're not going to add tasks without money coming from taxpayers to pay for it.