Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our New Doors

This is why recent visitors to our new house are calling it The Cloisters.

Door to the "casita"-- the little guest house.

Looking down the loggia to the front door.

Looking the other way down the loggia towards the street entrance.

Maybe I need to get a couple of black robes to wear around the house, although I would much prefer a lavish medieval gown like this one.


Presbyterian Gal said...

Yes, I can just see you in that dress! It's perfect. And your doors are lovely.

Sally said...

love the dress, and the pics are just wonderful

artbymj said...

Love the doors! Warm and welcoming. I give a nod to the dress too - you could definitely carry that one off!

Elaine said...

I agree. You'd look stunning. I'd look like a fireplug.

Norman, OK

zorra said...

I love it all!

Jan said...

Lovely doors.

Reformed Catholic said...

Having been to the Closters in NYC, I agree with your visitors !!