Sunday, October 25, 2009

Great Reviews for The Diva!

Friday night's performance of The Elixir of Love was fabulous! The Houston Grand Opera production was very entertaining and fast-paced. The singers were great and we all had a wonderful evening.

My niece Catherine Martin, a/k/a The Diva, is indicated with the blue arrow on this photo. They put her in a truly heinous black 40's style wig and a dress that looked like it was from the sale rack at St. Vincent de Paul. (The Diva is really a blonde.) And let's not even mention the shoes. No, let's not. But as you can see from the photo, that was the vision of the set and costume designers.

I was amazed at the number of people in the chorus that fit on the stage and how well they moved around without falling over each other. The acting was also superb.

And now, a look at the early reviews. You'll pardon my auntly pride as I post the excerpts about Catherine, you can go to the links to read the whole review. Drumroll, please:

Catherine Martin’s Gianetta was also beautifully sung..

Rounding out the cast was HGO Studio Artist Catherine Martin in a small but worth noting role. Her beautiful mezzo-soprano voice in some ways outshone her leading lady with its crystal clear quality and focused, rich sound. She is sure to have a promising and prosperous career... Houston Examiner

And no, neither her mother nor I wrote that second review!


Elaine said...

Just don't burst with Auntly pride. You still have a wedding to plan and Congress to finish raising.

I'm thrilled for you.

Norman, Oklahoma

Gannet Girl said...

Well, of course.

How wonderful for her to be so well received!

Presbyterian Gal said...

OUCH! I think I got hit in the eye with a popped button!!!

How wonderful. I bet she is floating on cloud nine!!

Songbird said...


Quotidian Grace said...


You will love this. We were seated at the after-performance dinner next to Sheila Jackson Lee and her husband. My husband bonded with her over their Yale experience and U of H football, and avoided nasty political arguments!