Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Checking In and Prayers Please

It's been a wild couple of days since coming back from our trip to Pennsylvania for the weekend.

Please pray for my friend Martha, seriously injured in a car accident yesterday. She suffered multiple fractured ribs, a concussion and an injured lung. She faces a long, painful recovery.

Also, prayers for my patience in dealing with last-minute changes to the church's policy and procedures manual would be appreciated. It gets voted on at Monday's session meeting. Yeah!

In other news, I see the Vatican is wooing disaffected Episcopalians. Aren't they concerned that expanding the exception allowing married priests will generate more pressure to permit all priests to marry? Which would be fine with me, but I'm not Catholic. What do you think?


Cheesehead said...

Welcome back. I will certainly be in prayer for your friend.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Prayers for your friend.

And the Episco-pals and Catholics might well date, but they won't marry (each other), I predict.

Kathrynzj said...

Welcome back and I will absolutely pray for your friend.

After years of pushing back against a policy and procedure manual that had become Biblical in proportion I have landed in a church that certainly needs one and none can be found.

As we start the process (pandemic policy anyone?) I can only imagine how frustrating last minute changes would be. 1st policy: NO micro-managing the policy process. :)

Sue said...

Prayers in abundance for your injured friend - for comfort and God's peace as she recovers.