Monday, December 21, 2009

Fourth Annual Sappy Christmas Song Contest: The Awards

The QG Gentle Readers' Choice voting is now closed and the winner is....REV KIM!

~applause, applause~

Congratulations Rev Kim! Please email me (jody dot harrington at gmail dot com) and with your mailing address and I will ship your ornament to you (and Rev Dave).

Very Honorable Mention Awards go to Presbyterian Gal and Mac, who tied for second place.

The Creative Genius Award goes to Presbyterian Gal for her ability to submit the stanzas that began and ended our unforgettable sentimental song this year. However does she do it?

The Country Music Wannabe Award goes to Mac, who managed to send in lyrics that mentioned killing pets, prison, Bubba, pardons, Momma and a train in the same stanza! We are not worthy of such talent.

The Most Prolific Lyricist Award goes to Reformed Catholic who was really on a roll this year! Save some for next year's contest, RC.

The Best British Humorist Award goes to our newest contributor, NIK, who sent her entry all the way from Scotland! Welcome, NIK, I hope you join us again next year.

The Brevity is the Soul of Wit Award goes to ceemac, who sent in two lines that inspired Reformed Catholic to finish yet another entry! Thanks for supporting the contest, ceemac.

Let's hear it for all our contestants!

~frantic applause~

May your Christmas be merry, bright and NOT sappy
And may your New Year be blessed, prosperous and happy!


zorra said...

*wild cheers and huzzahs, with jingle bells and other seasonal sounds in the background*

Presbyterian Gal said...

I wholeheartedly agree that Rev. Kim has outdone herself this year!! Good jobs by all! What fun.

Mac said...

Rev. Kim's da gal! But she still didn't get Mama and prison and trains into a stanza. Maybe next year....

Rev Kim said...

I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! And I love Wedgewood, so I'll be looking forward to hanging the ornament on our tree every year and telling the story behind it

Mac, I thought your verse with Mama, prison, and trains was a work of art! I voted for it.

(sorry I'm just now responding...the hectic nature of this week and all.)

Nik said...

I love it that I'm the best british humourist, given I'm the only ... ah...! ;)
Will try to drum up my fellow brit blog buddies for next year. Great fun.
Merry Christmas all

Convenor said...

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Please pray for me!

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

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