Thursday, December 03, 2009

Fourth Annual Sappy Christmas Song Contest Kicks Off Monday!

~Tune of "White Christmas"~

QG is dreaming of Sappy Christmas Songs
Gentle Readers wrote not long ago.

With sentimental lyrics

And teary stories
Of puppies, old men, kitties and the snow!

QG is dreaming of the 2009 version,

The one she knows you long to write.

When Monday dawns
it will be sappy and right
For you to start bringing
that Sappy Christmas Song to light!

QG is back by popular demand with the Fourth Annual Sappy Song Competition. In the spirit of the Bulwar-Lytton Fiction Contest, you are invited to contribute your own deathless doggerel to create this year's masterpiece of sappiness.

For those of you who are new to QG, or just don't remember, check out the 2007 and 2008 Sappy Christmas Songs. Thanks to ceemac, who reminded me about our first classic: 2006's Pets Need Christmas, Too!

Log on Monday morning when I will kick off the contest by posting the opening stanza of our 2009 masterpiece of sappiness which was contributed by our very own Presbyterian Gal. You are invited to continue creating the song by contributing several lines or a whole stanza. Or create the refrain!

Virtual --and perhaps real--prizes will be awarded for outstanding contributions to this year's contest.

Will the result equal the treacly cloyingness of Christmas Shoes?

Check in next week and find out.


Gannet Girl said...

Is the grand prize a dachshund?

Rev Kim said...

Yay! Dave & I were just talking about this the other day & wondering when it was going to start!

ceemac said...

actually this will be the 4th year. don't forget 2006's "Pets Need Christmas, Too."

Quotidian Grace said...

~hits forehead with right hand~

Ceemac--you're right! How could I forget that. I'll change the post.

Thanks for the reminder!

Reformed Catholic said...

Outstanding ... can't wait until Monday.

Actually, that's good timing, this bloody cast will be off ;)