Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bea and Olivia: Holiday Bling!

Woof! Beatrice here.

Double Woof! Olivia over here, too!

Beatrice: How do you like our new holiday collars? My old one was really bulky and uncomfortable. I think it made my neck look fat. It was also brown and brown. I think the red is more flattering to my skin tones, don't you?

Olivia: I was SO embarrased by my old collar. Loved the hot pink color but half the bling on it had fallen off. Lookin' shabby, I tell you. A girl likes to sparkle at Christmas you know! Now we're stylin'.

Note from QG: Remember Pets Need Christmas, Too! And speaking of that Sappy Christmas Song, don't forget to keep adding your verses to our 2009 version in the comments on the post below. An update will be posted tomorrow!


Presbyterian Gal said...

Those collars are just gorgeous! Almost as lovely as you two.

Averill said...

Olivia loves it! She was showing it off to the kitties just last night -- they're very jealous.

zorra said...

Hey you cute chicks,

You are both beautiful in your new collars. Wish I could show you my plaid bowtie. Mom says I look very handsome in it. But I really hate having my picture taken, so you'll have to take my word for it!

Your friend,