Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pray for the Boys, Too

Following up on my post yesterday about the children from the polygamist ranch near Eldorado, Texas, blogger Beau Weston noted the disparity in numbers between the teenaged boys and the girls in this community: authorities found the numbers of boys and girls roughly equal for those under age 13 , but remarkably skewed in favor of girls for those ages 13-17.

Where are the boys? Apparently teenaged boys are kicked out of these communities so they will not compete with the adult men for "wives". Weston speculates that some of them may be found on the streets of Fort Worth (or other cities in Texas).

Remember these boys in your prayers, too, wherever they are. Christ have mercy.


Presbyterian Gal said...

Oh yes, prayers for those boys going up too.

Jan said...

You're right. Those abandoned boys need prayers, too. Thanks for the reminder.

Songbird said...

Thanks for both these posts.