Monday, December 15, 2008

The 2008 Sappy Awards

~sound of orchestra playing "White Christmas"~
(QG enters stage left, goes to the podium and
begins the 2008 Sappy Awards Ceremony.)

Thank you, thank you! Gentle Readers and Lurkers, today I am pleased to announce the awards in QG's Third Annual Sappy Christmas Song competition. We are grateful to everyone who participated in creating this year's Sappy Christmas Song, which is surely the best one yet! Santa's Bailout is not only timely, sentimental--and thanks to a last-minute challenge--very sappy.

So without further ado--the envelopes, please!

The Who You Gonna Call? Award goes to Presbyterian Gal for responding to our request that she contribute the first stanza of the 2008 song with a financial bailout theme. She also gets the award for contributing key verses that moved the "plot" along when it seemed to be flagging. Well done, PG!

Key Players Awards go to Bill, and Singing Owl for outstanding individual contributions to this year's opus.

The Like Mother, Like Daughter award goes to Averill (known here at QG as Portia) for joining in with her own stanza!

Stushie submitted his own unique Sappy Christmas Song in the comments to this post to the tune of "Little Drummer Boy." He is hereby given the Holistic Song Parodist Award with crossed drumstick clusters.

QG had to create a new category in order to give special recognition to Mac ("once a Marine, always a Marine"), who not only submitted his own contribution, but issued a challenge near the end of the contest that elicited the sappiest stanza of them all. The "Listen UP" Award goes to Mac for keeping the focus on the sappy.

And finally, there is one whose contributions were so outstanding that QG has decided to knight him. He not only wrote several stanzas, but created the refrain and met Mac's challenge.

Reformed Catholic
, please come forward and kneel.

I dub thee Sappy Lyricist Extraordinaire. From henceforth you shall be known as Sir RC, S.L.E. by QG. Our virtual hats are off to you!

~wild applause~

Let's join in singing R.C.'s refrain:

O Citibank, O Citibank
My 401 is failing!

Thanks for joining us today for the awards and plan to join us again next Christmas!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming....

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Reformed Catholic said...

[[[ blush ]]]

I'd like to thank my mother and father for all the money they spent putting me through school.

As you can see, it was entirely wasted!!