Monday, December 22, 2008

Beatrice Blogs: On Being a Good Hostess


Mom is not the only one entertaining guests this Christmas. Last night DK's brother brought his dog, Ricky (a Min-Pin), to the house and introduced him to me and Olivia, who spent the weekend with me.

Olivia needs more instruction in hospitality, IMHO. She barked furiously at poor little Ricky. And this isn't even her house! I remembered my manners and approached my guest with the Ritual Sniff of Peace-- which he reciprocated.

After a few minutes Olivia calmed down and reverted to her usual gracious self.

Note to self: order Olivia a copy of Gracious Canine Entertaining by the late Paw Paw (Martha Stewart's dog). Put in her stocking.


Mac said...

"Ritual Sniff of Peace." Love it!

Anonymous said...

"Pinscher" means 'biter' in German, dear Beatrice. Ergo, a Min-Pin is a 'small biter'. They were bred by farmers to be swift and engergetic hunters of vermin in their barns.
You are wise to counsel young Olivia in such hospitable rituals of peace!

May your holidays be blessed with many sniffs and kisses...and no biting!

Rosie and Pixie(friends of PresbyG)

Rev Kim said...

"Ritual sniff of peace" - ~snickers~

zorra said...

You are very polite. I am too shy to offer the Ritual Sniff of Peace but I will return it, usually. Unless I don't like you. Then I will just walk away and hope you don't follow. I am old and set in my ways, but I hope you and Olivia and Ricky have a merry Christmas together.


Presbyterian Gal said...

You make all Southern dogs proud I am sure. Olivia's future in the social lexicon is assured because of your gentle tutelage.

I just wish my two cats had your manners!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Beatrice has anyone told you lately that you really are pretty?

And Gingerbean needs a copy of that book. She barks at everything! Even the heater when it comes on.