Monday, December 01, 2008

More Virtual Advent Retreating

This afternoon's post at the RevGals Virtual Advent retreat focuses on the story of the Annunciation -- the angel Gabriel visits Mary and tells her that she will become pregnant with the Messiah (Luke 1:26-38).

I believe that we continue to encounter God today, but it is seldom in such a dramatic fashion. In my experience, God seems to manifest Himself in more subtle ways. He nudges me through the voices of others or by creating circumstances for me to respond to. The season of Advent reminds me that when I don't take the time to watch, wait and listen for God's guidance--He nudges me a bit harder the next time.

Mary had no doubt that the Angel Gabriel was a true messenger from God, but I am not always sure that the nudge is Godly or a manifestation of my own will. When I have been very sure, it is usually because I have prayed for guidance. When I don't pray for that guidance, God has to "re-send" that nudge to get my attention.

Thanks be for those Godly nudges!

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Presbyterian Gal said...

I have a rather "other side of the coin" view on God's communiques with us. I believe that they are just as dramatic as they ever were, but we have moved way too far into the "rational" world and have forgotten how to see it. This came home to me this year when a dangerous circumstance presented itself completely out of left field, boldly in front of my face and I did not catch on right away to what was happening.