Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sappy Christmas Song--First Update

Here's our song so far. What happens next? Add your lyrics in the comments! Remember the tune is "O Christmas Tree" (or "Tannenbaum").

It’s the eleventh hour on Christmas Eve,

the north pole stars are all a’twinkle.

But Santa Claus just looks like hell

as he wishes for Rip Van Winkle.
He lost all his operating capital
trusting CFO elves Fannie and Freddy.

Paulson turned him down with an evil sneer
Now at midnight he won’t be ready!

The other elves have gone on strike
Because he cannot pay them.

There's no more food the reindeer like

How will he ever feed them?

And Mrs. Claus is crying there

In a big heap upon the stair


Reformed Catholic said...

*Oh Citibank, oh Citibank,
My 401 is failing.

*(for the previous stanza)

New Verse:
Santa's credit line, is all used up
he has no recourse waiting.
The picket line is keeping his,
deliveries from mailing.
The Teamsters will not cross the line, it looks like its scab hiring time.

Oh Citibank, oh Citibank,
my 401 is failing !!

Quotidian Grace said...

Outstanding! Great refrain, too!

Reformed Catholic said...

Thanks ...

I'd add more, but I'll wait until someone else adds some thoughts.

Bill said...

Fred forgot to winterize Santa’s sleigh this season,
The reins are stuck, the seats are cracked, the runners they are freezin’.
De-icing fluid we can’t find because of strikes at the potash mine,
O Santa sleigh, filled with gifts, you ain’t going nowhere.

Mac said...

Oh, orders from the USA,
They surely are a-tumblin’.
The kiddies and their parents, too,
Have taken to a-grumblin’.
Transferred jobs to cheaper elves,
And bank accounts now gone to…well,
Ol’ Nick had better recognize
Out-sourcin’ can be humblin’.

PS, love today's word verification. "QG is the champion of the world. QG is the champion of the world. Strange songs and mantras, 'bout elves, deer and Santas, QG is the champion, oh, yeah, she's the champion....of the world!"

See what you've started?

jean said...

Wow what talent out there agoin' to waste.

Quotidian Grace said...

Aw, shucks, Mac!

Kyle said...

Just out of curiousity; Would Santa have gotten the bailout money if he hadn't take his private sleigh to the meetings in DC?
Does Congress feel his free room and board on hundreds of acres in the Great White North was larger compensation than the $1 a year big three were requesting?

Sally said...

such talent all over the place- thanks for the smile!