Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas at the Bay

Can you see the little Christmas tree on the dock? We've been down at the bay since the day after Christmas with all the family in tow and away from the internet. (Update: there were 25 for dinner on Christmas Day Chez QG!)

We just got back and had a great time. I hope you and yours had a good celebration, too.

In an uncharacteristic burst of domesticity, El Jefe just made a trip to Home Depot (yes, of course I had to go along) and bought a new steam vacuum cleaner hoping it will clean the dang beige carpet downstairs of the "mystery Bea" stains.

I know. I'm shocked too. Will wonders never cease?

More later.


Reformed Catholic said...

Make sure you get the special rug shampoo from Petco or Petsmart that has the enzymes to help clean those 'spots'.

Quotidian Grace said...

Thanks for the tip, RC!

RevDi said...

And, if the steam treatment doesn't work, call Chem-Dry folks. I think they are the absolute best in getting beige/off-white carpet clean! They use a carbonated product that lifts the dirt and stains and then vacuum it all out. It is amazing.

Mac said...

If the steam is hot enough, it ought to do the trick. When Moleson and I were batching it while he was in high school, he decided to follow my advice and multi-task to “make the most efficient use of your time.” He “needed” to do two things after school and before he went to work: (1) watch the replay of Headbangers Ball on MTV (never saw it, but it doesn’t sound like much fun) and (2) clean his carburetor. In front of the TV. On my beige rug. Imagine his surprise when the gas and oil leaked through the sheet he was using as a work pad. Imagine my surprise when I got home.

A commercial steam cleaner lifted the stain right out. Hope the new, strong portable machines they are selling at my favorite toy store will work for El Jefe!

Averill said...

El Jefe at Home Depot! -- Did he get lost???