Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Faucets Are SO '80's

The fixtures in our "powder room" next to the kitchen decided that the week before Christmas was a good time to go on the fritz. Fritz as in not repairable.

The plumber just called from the plumbing supply house to report that polished brass fixtures are not kept in stock anymore--it seems they are just SO '80's.

A special order is required. It takes 2 weeks. But we'll have 9 houseguests next week and need everything to work. So we'll have to find something in stock, though it won't have the same finish.

The 80's don't seem that long ago to me. Who are the Design Police anyway?


Averill said...

Babs and I are the design police! ;)

Presbyterian Gal said...

We've got brushed brass that need replacing. All of one bathroom has to go. Fortunately it's only me who is impacted.

You could always rent an Andy Gump!

Reformed Catholic said...

FWIW ... you can find polished brass at with free shipping.

They promise delivery before Christmas !!

Rev SS said...

Yeah Home Depot! The 80's aren't that long ago, for one thing, and even if it were "so what?" I like polished brass.

Quotidian Grace said...

I went to the local Home Depot and found a polished brass faucet set that will do just fine! Hooray!

zorra said...

Good old Home Depot.
If it looks like the one in the picture, that's the same shape as all of ours...wonder if brushed nickel is becoming so-last-year too? Not that I care.

Reformed Catholic said...

I couldn't live without Home Depot or Lowes.

Of course, there are a few old hardware stores that I really can't do without. They're the only places where you can go in and get parts for some older items.