Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sappy Christmas Song 2008--Postscript Stanza

In response to Mac's challenge that the song wasn't really sappy, Reformed Catholic composed a new closing stanza (see comments on the previous post!):

Santa woke on Christmas Eve
hungover like a sailor,
Mrs Claus was thrown in Jail,
for DUI test failure
Claus drank up all the bailout cash
and Rudolph smoked his entire stash

Oh woe is me OH woe is me
They repo'd my double wide trailer.

And THAT, Gentle Readers, is a truly sappy stanza in the style of "Please, Daddy, Don't Get Drunk For Christmas"!


Mac said...

And now we have it--the perfect sappy Christmas song. Better'n sappy--pure molasses!

Bravo Zulu, RC! (That's sailor talk for "Well done".)

Reformed Catholic said...

{{{ blush }}}