Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Baking and Blogging

I watched the streaming video from the GA this morning. What was up with all the nominations from the floor that delayed the vote on PUP until this afternoon? I recognized a couple of the commissioners who made floor nominations and so concluded that it looked like the conservatives were methodically contesting all those nominations. Or maybe that happens at all GA's? It almost never happens in my church or presbytery, so I'm just wondering. Hopefully one of the Presbybloggers attending will enlighten me later.

Now it's almost time for the afternoon session to open, which I'm going to watch on streaming video while baking two Texas Chocolate Sheet Cakes for the Apocalypse which I promised to make for tomorrow night's congregational dinner. Baking relieves stress and so does chocolate! Just call me Martha.....


reverendmother said...

I watched it as well. I wasn't baking but rather entertaining a very fussy baby. Wish I'd had chocolate nearby!

In my experience, that is pretty typical. I can't tell whether there were a whole lot more this year than in the past, but there always seem to be quite a few.

By my count about two of the floor nominations were elected? That also seemed pretty typical to me.

SpookyRach said...


hee hee. sorry.

will smama said...

Did you see ap straight while you were baking and streaming during the nominating committee report?

Quotidian Grace said...

If I did, I didn't know I did. Dang! What was ap straight wearing???

Cake update--no leftovers, alas. Devoured by hungry and cranky Presbyterians Wednesday night.

Stop me before I bake again.