Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Day After PUP: More Bloggers Respond

UPDATE: The links should all be working now!

This afternoon I've collected more responses from Presbybloggers to yesterday's approval of the PUP report at GA. And the PresbyBlogosphere is just as divided as the GA on this issue, with negative comments outnumbering the positive among the blogs I read today.

Denis Hancock believes that this vote shows that this GA more closely resembles the PCUSA as a whole than in recent years. Jan Edmiston was impressed by former Moderator Marge Carpenter's statement supporting PUP. Rebel Without a Pew makes some fearless predictions about what will happen next and concludes that daily life for average Presbyterians will not change much as a result of the vote. Maynard Pittendreigh agrees with the GA leadership that the church has been given a gift in the passage of PUP. NYAPC Elder and Dave Colby are also pleased with the acceptance of the report. Terry Davis reports that the strategy of the Covenant Network and the Witherspoon Society was successful in getting controversial recommendation #5 passed.

But Apostle John reports that Parker Williamson (of The Layman) and other renewal leaders are starting a process to split the church. I read the statementon The Layman (click on the "Renewal Leaders Call PUP a Profound Deviation" link) which seems to me to show that these folks are not yet united on their course of action--just on their opposition to this decision. Tracy Johnson writes that on further reflection, nothing has changed until the GA Permanent Judicial Commission decides it and the Authoritative Interpretation has been tested.

Michael Kruse
sees the vote as a "dissent" into chaos. Pastor Lance is questioning whether or not to remain in the PCUSA because of this vote. Noel Anderson is frustrated by his failure to be called on to speak in support of the motion to refer recommendation # 5. He also thinks the result is "local option" and wonders "if God wants me to shake the dust off my feet."

Russell Smith filed his official dissent from the decision and fears that the PCUSA may be irrevocably broken. And finally, Tom Gray says that Sola Scriptura has become "Via Vulgaris." He invites those who are concerned to join the New Wineskins meeting at Kirk 'o the Hills Church in Tulsa--which is the church he pastors.

Thanks to each of you for sharing your thoughtful comments with the rest of us.


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