Sunday, June 18, 2006

GA Bloggers Roundup: Sunday night

Several important committees recommendations are in now, while a few continue their work today. Of particular interest are the following:

PUP Matters: It looks like the PUP report will not be changed in the Ecclesiology Committee as motions to delete controversial recommendation #5 (" local option") and other proposed amendments to the report failed to pass. (Link requires registration to read.)

Blogger Tom Gray, a commissioner and minister of Kirk o' the Hills in Tulsa, posted concerns about the process in his entry titled " When Process Is More Important Than Truth."

Blogger Beau Weston has a different opinion of the hearings and predicts that the PUP report will pass the Ecclesiology Committee, and the conservatives will file a minority report. He further predicts that the majority recommendation from the committee will pass the GA and the PUP report, including recommendation #5, will be adopted without change.

Tracy Johnson, another blogger attending GA, supports the probable minority report to PUP which would send the report to the presbyteries for 2 more years of discernment so it would not be up for a vote until the 2008 GA. NYAPC Elder, a member of this committee, posted his analysis of the day of hearings.

Ordination Requirements: By a narrow 30-28 vote, the Church Orders committee recommended leaving the "fidelity-chastity" ordination requirement in the book of Order.

Related to the Ordination Controversies: The Church Polity committee rejected an overture that would have allowed churches that leave the denomination to take their property with them. Link is here and requires registration.

Divestment Controversy: The Peacemaking Committee voted to change the controversial language calling for divestment approved by the 2004 GA. Details of the new language can be found here. Blogger Noel Anderson, a member of this committee, posted his first-hand account of the meeting. Check Will Spotts' blog later this evening or tomorrow morning for his analysis of the recommendation and more on what's next for the divestment issue.

Proposal to Close Montreat Historical Society-- Pastor Terry is on the committee that heard the overtures on this subject and posted a detailed account of the hearings which resulted in concurring with the recommendation to close the facility. Andy Moye is also on the committee and says the PCUSA website report on the subject is fairly accurate.

Presbyweb, which is a subscription site, has a nice list of Presbyterian bloggers, but is not summarizing their posts in a comprehensive way. So I am trying to collect posts from blogging commissioners and observers at GA so that those who are interested can link to first-hand accounts. If I missed you, and you are at GA, please leave a comment and I'll try to keep up with your blog the rest of the week. Also, please note that Denis Hancock at The Reformed Angler, is doing a very nice job of collecting links to news about GA as it happens from his home base, so visit his site for regular updates.

Thanks to each of you who are sharing your experience at General Assembly with all of us. Our prayers continue for you and all at the General Assembly.


zorra said...

I'm kind of sad about the closing of the MHS; we enjoyed getting to browse through there on a trip to NC a couple of years ago. I found photos, etc. related to my hometown churches, even getting to read old session minutes from 40 years ago when my dad was active on session (which was more interesting than it sounds). There is a wealth of information there for researchers. I suppose sentiment isn't really a valid reason to keep the MHS open, but history should be.

Michael W. Kruse said...

Thans for providing these great summaries.