Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday Night Presbyblogging

The evening session of GA is still convened as I write this, but none of the "hot" issues appear to be on tonight's docket, so here is my survey of reports from our Presbybloggers both attending GA and observing and writing from their home base.

PUP Report:
Beau Weston highlights a change made in recommendation #5 of the PUP report that seems to strengthen it and concludes that several actions of this GA show its centrist character. Andy Moye has more details about this amendment and the instruction that will go with it to the floor of GA tomorrow morning. Andy and Beau are giving more information than I found on the PCUSA website, so read their reports. Tom Gray shares the doings at the Presbyterian Coalition dinner last night.

The Trinity Paper:
Russell Smith explains why he voted against the Trinity Paper from the Committee on Theology and Worship. Tracy Johnson files a detailed report of this morning's plenary, concentrating on issues surrounding the Trinity Paper. He notes a change in the translation of the phrase "ecclesia reformata semper reformanda" from " The church reformed and always reforming" to "The church reformed and always to be reformed." Will this be significant?

Sexuality Curriculum: Who Knew?
Sometimes the guy at home has the time to noodle out committee actions that aren't being widely reported, but are important. Denis Hancock reports on the Shenango Presbytery Overture on Sexuality Curriculum that passed the GA plenary session this morning. I didn't know that was on the radar screen of GA at all, did you? Good catch, Denis!

Will Spotts provides this link to a story on the PCUSA and divestment published on the blog Powerline as well as a comprehensive analysis and account of all the divestment proceedings. You won't find a better report on this subject than the one Will wrote here.Those of us who advocated overtures seeking to overturn the 2004 GA policy will be generally pleased with the committee's recomendations. The issue is currently set on Wednesday afternoon's agenda.

General Postings:
Jim Berkley is following the Open Meetings controversy.Pastor Terry posted a moving and detailed account of his experiences in worship, prayer and committee meetings yesterday. Andy Moye is disturbed by some of the proceedings in his committee which had responsibility for the Montreat Historical Society recommendations which passed the GA today, and is set for the Wednesday afternoon GA plenary session.

Many thanks to all the Presbybloggers out there! I'll be checking again tomorrow for new posts and will post another roundup then, so keep on writing, praying and working. May the Holy Spirit guide and inspire those of you who are commissioners, and comfort those of us observing and blogging back home.

And thank you to my regular QG readers, who don't usually get such a dose of Presbypolity, for your patience with my focus on GA this week. QG will return to "normal" after GA....


Gannet Girl said...

Thank you s much for the links! I'm off at a seminar for the week so no streaming video for me and, while ds's laptp is cool, it's harder for me to use than the desktop at home, so I really appreciate the links. (I can't figure out, for instance, how to go back and add the "o" to "so" above.

Denis Hancock said...

With regard to the translation of "Ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda" -- I learned from a classical languages major several years ago that (1) "reformata" is a perfect passive participle" and (2) "reformanda" is a future passive participle. "Always to be reformed" is correct. And we need to finish the quote. "...secundum verbum Dei" (according to the Word of God).

will spotts said...

I agree with Denis's comment on both points. I keep hearing this quote without the second half -- which tends to change the character of the expression.

SpookyRach said...

Dang, y'all are busy!

Gruntled said...

I agree with Dennis Hancock (as usual). This difference affects the usual left vs. right fight, but is so deeply entrenched that it doesn't appear to be a divisive issue. Liberals read Calvin's motto to mean that the church should always be adapting to the times. What this new translation makes clear, though, is that when the Reformers said reform, they meant take the church back to an original purity which it is always in the process of corrupting. Hence, the church reformed always needs ot be reformed.

Quotidian Grace said...

Yes, "according to the Word of God" should always be added to semper reformata!

Interestingly, the Houston Chronicle this morning had an article highlighting the vote on the Trinity Paper with a headline saying Presbyterians were changing the names of the Holy Trinity. Bet I get a bunch of phone calls on that one today!

reverendmother said...

I was going to complain about how poorly the secular press does with religious news, but the story itself seems pretty accurate--it's the headline that's misleading: I think it was "Presbyterians consider renaming Holy Trinity"? Um, no.

Quotidian Grace said...

It's not 10 am yet and I've had two calls and one email about the Trinity "renaming". ~sigh~ It's the headlines that get the attention, sadly.