Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Helping With The Cleanup in San Leon

Cross-posted from the Presbytery of New Covenant's Hurricane Recovery blog:

Rev. Dean Pogue, pastor at First Presbyterian Church, Pasadena, sent me the photos in the slideshow below. Here is his description of the pictures:

One of our members lives directly on the water in San Leon, about 12 miles south of Clear Lake. According to insurance adjustors, she lost about 85% of her home and its contents. The attached photos show our church cleanup group (First Presbyterian, Pasadena, Texas), responding to her SOS for help.

A few notes: Her house was built on piers, and the steps to her front door were washed away. Entry was via step ladder. The storm surge washed away everything on the ground floor. She lost quite a few sentimental items, although she was able to salvage some family photos, including her high school photo, and ones of her son and her dad.

(Photos courtesy of Dean Pogue)

Thank you, Dean!

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