Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Ministry of Admnistration

Today I am very, very grateful for all those whose ministry is administration.

I'm thinking of the wonderfully well-organized and diligent women who keep me supplied with rosters, calling lists, attendance sheets and weekly agendas for our Bible Study Discussion program that resumed last week. There are several hundred women involved in BSD at my church so this is no small task.

The hours they spend word-processing, editing and double-checking all the details allows me and the other small group leaders to focus on our ministry of encouragement, prayer and facilitation of the lesson discussion. I've done it before myself, but it so nice not to have to do it!

It's an amazing gift. Thank you, ladies!

(This year our study is Revealing God, based on the J.I. Packer classic Knowing God.)


Presbyterian Gal said...

They are unsung heroes!

robert austell said...

Jody, in a couple of Sundays we are having a "ministry day" to encourage every member to identify a ministry and mission... is that artwork yours and if so, is that something I could use for our bulletin cover? (do you have a higher resolution version?)

In Christ,

Robert Austell
Good Shepherd PC, Charlotte, NC

Quotidian Grace said...


The artwork is not mine. I got it off of Google.

robert austell said...

ok - thanks... :)

St. Casserole said...

I have you on my mind today.
Godspeed to you if you evacuate, safety to you if you stay.

I'm praying for Texas.