Wednesday, September 17, 2008

QG Embed Report: Children and Pets at Work

As Houston area employers regain power and resume business, they are finding creative ways of helping their employees return to work. Schools and day care centers remain closed, so children are coming to work with their parents.

Yesterday at El Jefe's law firm, they opened up the moot courtroom to the kids, found snacks, ordered pizza, and ran movies on the big screen. Someone found some folks to supervise the whole operation. Other employers were doing the same. See the full story here in the Houston Chronicle.

Intrepid Houston area RevGal zorra reported that pets spent the day at her office. Methinks the law firm isn't ready for Beatrice and Olivia--but who knows? Things are different after IKE.

Our church is still without power and doesn't expect to have it restored anytime soon because it is in an area where lots of trees and utility poles are down. Services are planned for Sunday in the Fellowship Hall (which has lots of windows) rather than the Sanctuary (which has no windows other than stained glass)--power or no power.

UPDATE: El Jefe just emailed the movie schedule for today for the kids coming to spend the day at his firm.

Courtroom Movie Schedule

10:00am- Daddy Day Camp
12:00pm- Alvin and the Chipmunks
2:00pm- The Incredibles
4:00pm- Madagascar
For the older kids in Courtroom B:
12:00pm- Enchanted
2:00pm- The Prince and Me

Hmm. Maybe I can make it down there in time to catch the 2 pm show and then follow it up with the 4 pm show!


DogBlogger said...

Wow -- thanks for keeping us updated!

Gannet Girl said...

The law firm is making a big mistake. I'm sure Beatrice and Olivia have a major contribution to make. Their legal talents should not remain untapped.

Presbyterian Gal said...

What a great thing to do! Helps speed the return to normalcy.

mid-life rookie said...

Cool Beans! What a great way to make the best of things.

Songbird said...

That's an awesomely flexible response to the situation!

Singing Owl said...

I'm impressed!