Friday, September 26, 2008

Outta Here

We're leaving on a jet plane to the Panhandle for the weekend, where El Jefe has been invited to be the special guest of the Borger High School class of '63 at their reunion. His book about their football team (see sidebar) will be sold and he will be awarded an honorary letter jacket. He played basketball, not football, back in the day.

I'm going along as Publicist and Arm Candy. Where's the T-bird???

We hope our neice and her family enjoy having a house to themselves for the first time since Ike struck. They are praying for power by Sunday. Lord, hear their prayers!


Presbyterian Gal said...

Arm Candy *hee hee*. I can see you in that poodle skirt a'smackin that gum! What fun.

Red_Cleric said...

I miss West Texas. I served First Central, Abilene and it was like coming home. My Dad was born in Ok and raised in and around Hereford. Quite a few decades before your hubby was in Borger.

Have a great time

Rev Kim said...

Have a great and safe trip!

zorra said...

Sounds great! Have fun.