Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NCP Church Damage Status Report

For the benefit of those of you here in the New Covenant presbytery area who can access this (and for anyone else out there interested) here's the status report on our churches I received by email from the General Presbyter of New Covenant, Rev. Mike Cole.

"I have set up a temporary office at Clear Lake PC (Houston), which has both electricity and internet access. The presbytery office is structurally fine, but there is no electricity. The staff will not be in the office until we have electricity. Meetings scheduled for this week canceled.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance will be setting up temporary offices at Clear Lake Presbyterian Church – 281-488-6731 – for the purpose of coordinating response efforts in the Greater Houston area. Our Disaster Response Team is discussing the possibility of setting up work camps in our presbytery for the most heavily affected areas – north of Galveston, the Beaumont/Orange/Port Arthur area, and north of Houston. We’ll know better where the work camps will be as we assess damages.

Reports are still coming in from affected churches. Here's what I have heard thus far - a universal concern is no electricity:

Texas City, FPC - they did ok.

FPC, Galveston - information on the church is scattered. The congregation will worship with FPC, Dickinson on Sunday. About half are accounted for.

Galveston, Westminster - no report
Galveston, West Isle - no report
Galveston, Emmanuel - no report

Dickinson, FPC - no significant damage. They are hosting FPC, Galveston for worship on Sunday.

Freeport, FPC - Church did not sustain any significant damage.

Lake Jackson, FPC - no major damage to the church

Tiki Island (Galveston) - the church is ok - Red Cross will be using the chapel

La Marque - there doesn't appear to be major damage

Angelton, FPC - Angelton is still closed to access. No water and no electricity. no reports of major damage

Alvin, FPC - the church did ok. Tress down but no structural damage

Beaumont, St. Andrews - no major damage to the church. Beaumont sustained about 10% of the damage they had sustained from Rita. work teams for the Golden Triangle are being organized

Beaumont, Westminster - the church is ok

Beaumont, Pioneer - no report

Nederland, Providence - the church where they are worshipping sustained no major damage.

Port Neches, Trinity - the church does not appear to have sustained major damage. No on site assessment has been done.

Orange, FPC – front door on church blew off. Some leakage in the sanctuary. They did get water in the first floor of the sanctuary building. The dome is ok. No major damage.

Orange, Drake – no report

La Porte, St. James – Some water in education building and sanctuary

Pearland, FPC – Casey Jones reports they have lost some shingles, an ac unit was destroyed, one roof leaked, and we have water damage to carpets in 3 buildings. We have electricity, but most of Pearland doesn't. All members we know of are OK.

Galveston, West Isle –the church still intact. Many shingles missing and we have flood damage. As far as church members, they are scattered to the wind.

Galveston, Emmanuel – most members are accounted for. There are reports on the church building itself.

Pasadena, FPC – most congregants are without electricity; no reports of significant problems or injuries. Some minor structural and water damage to facility.

Sugar Land, FPC – they withstood Ike with minor issues: they had some leaks in Sanctuary and in Education Building. Most of the trees on the property were damaged - Providentially, every single tree limb that broke off fell away from each building!

The Woodlands, Timber Ridge – Timber Ridge weathered the storm. Many large trees are down in the area including one that punctured a hole in the church roof. However, it was found before much damage occurred. We did have Sunday services in the dark. All members are accounted for and fine. Word is those of us in The Woodlands may be without power for several weeks.

Jones Creek, Gulf Prairie – One of the town aldermen reports that there appeared to be no damage at Gulf Prairie.

Orange, Drake – there is no significant damage to the church building.

Presbyterian Service Center (Center for limited income individuals with disabilities) – Georga Thomas reports that they need help with tree removal and general clean up. This would be a great spot for a local crew who is eager to “do something”."

As I receive more reports, I will update you.

The magnitude of all the damage is slowly sinking in with all of us, but so far the report on our churches is much better than feared.


nanc said...

Hi...My sister lives at 326 Admiral Circle at Tiki Island. We haven't heard from her, could anyone tell me how things are there, or if everything is gone? Please? I haven't heard from her or her family, and doesn't have internet access anymore of course. Thank you.

Mary M said...

Nanc - The word I have is that the Salvation Army is using the Tiki Island chapel and that church structure is fine...that doesn't tell you about your sister but will give somee idea about the area.

We are in the process of calling all the churches in the presbytery. Results will be posted by Mike Cole. Not having access to the presbytery server is going to make that process take a little longer.


nanc said...

Thank you Mary! I really appreciate any/all information I can get! Still no word from her so I'm very concerned. If you or anyone else can tell me more...PLEASE do!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Thanks for the update QG. Gonna pass it along.

Prayers for Nanc and her sister!

dpcpastor@zoominternet.net said...

QG, if the reports from churches and/or members changes and clean up items, etc. are needed. Let us know and maybe some other Presbyteries can send supplies or help.

zorra said...

Southminster has power now.