Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PNC Hurricane Ike Recovery Blog

At the request of our General Presbyter, Rev. Mike Cole, I have morphed the presbytery's General Assembly Newsblog into a Hurricane Ike Recovery Blog so that it can serve as a clearinghouse for information and assistance to those in our presbytery affected by Hurricane Ike.

As folks send me information or requests for information and assistance, I will post it on that blog. The blog is also linked on the presbytery's website. Please pass the word by email, blog link or word of mouth to whoever would be interested. Most of our area is still without power, but folks are getting to the internet via wifi in public areas.

They also serve who simply sit and blog!


Mary Marcotte said...

Jodi- many, many thanks for doing this - I just made a lengthy check in report to Mike which he will forward concerning churches in houston area where the news is mostly very, very good.

Lydia said...
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Presbyterian Gal said...

It's the entries of "no answer" that give me the worries.

Mrs. Shoes said...

Please also let those of us who are outside the area know how we can help our fellow Presbyterians.

Quotidian Grace said...

mrs. shoes,

Thank you. I will cross-post that information when it becomes available. Our Emergency Response Team is meeting with Presbyterian Disaster Relief representatives tomorrow to address that question.