Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Houston Ode After IKE

(Inspired by the fact that my church, my niece and her family, and several friends still are without power. Eleven days after Ike. And counting.)

See how the fates their gifts alot--
Some have power, some do not.
And some are worthy, I daresay
Of having their power back yesterday.

If I were CenterPoint (which I'm NOT)
Each one would have the power he sought.
Lights, A/C and dryers would whir away
And TV's, DVD's and fridges run all day.

Pity the mom with kids at home
Without any power and no where to roam.
There isn't even any school--
No power, no classes is the rule.

Pity the poor with no where else to go
Waiting for assistance in a hot, sweaty row.
Applying for food stamps and FEMA rent
From agencies the government sent.

Pity those who lived in Galveston town,
Now most of their houses have fallen down.
No visitor now allowed on that historical Isle
Because living there is a dangerous trial.

The national press left Ike survivors behind
As the financial crisis put the US in a bind.
This series of recent hurricanes
Has left the national psyche drained.

See how the fates their gifts alot!
Some get the press and some do not.
But Texans don't care, because we always say
We'll pull together and fix it anyway.


Presbyterian Gal said...

Beautiful Ode and I wish to hell you didn't have to write it.

I cannot imagine how much harder this recovery will be with g'umment disaster relief unable to borrow funds. It's all a tangled mess.

Prayers still going and I'm going to make up my own buckets for me and my mom today!

Mary Beth said...


Anonymous said...

HOOAH! Stout-hearted Texans will always show the rest of us how to get it done!


zorra said...


Songbird said...

Well put!!